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Blanket Project 2020

Residents in Bangladesh suffer from the brutally cold weather every year. Individuals are not used to the temperature drop which has caused multiple deaths every Winter. Deaths were caused by pneumonia, influenza, and fevers. It has been affecting the population every time Winter comes around. Bangladesh Development Project decided we wanted to contribute and alleviate some stress amongst Bangladesh and came up with the Blanket Project. The goal of the project was to provide as many blankets to individuals in need due to the intensity of the cold weather in Bangladesh. At the start of this year, one of the members distributed blankets in the district of Sylhet. Setting out on this mission in the dead of night, Noshin and her family members, were able to distribute 50 blankets to those who were sleeping on the streets. They were able to place a blanket on those who were fast asleep and unaware before slipping away to the next group of people they saw. Noshin and her family were also able to distribute a set of 100 blankets in the village of Panchpara. A long line of villagers wrapped around the small village awaiting to be given a blanket, one commented “My body cannot handle the intensity of the cold. Please pray for me.” Blankets were given to residents of all ages starting from age 13 all the way to the elderly. Seeing individuals not having necessities for quality of living was devastating. Noshin and her family provided as many blankets as possible but due to lack of supply couldn’t accommodate everyone. Bangladesh Development Project will be having more projects as similar to this to help as many people as possible.

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