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Flood Disaster Relief

Characterized by wide seasonal variations in rainfall and humidity, Bangladesh has a subtropical monsoon climate. A nation of 700+ rivers, Bangladesh is prone to massive flooding. Currently, more than a quarter of Bangladesh is underwater due to harsh flooding. Such floods have impacted more than 3 million people in multiple districts and countless families have lost their homes with no means to seek shelter.


On top of that, there are many diseases, such as Typhoid, arising in a time where Coronavirus cases are increasing as well. Many people have lost so much in unprecedented times like now. They cannot provide for their family because their crops/fields and livestock were destroyed.


Through your generosity and support, we are planning to supply resources to vulnerable families affected by the worst flood since 1988 by any means necessary. Our four targeted districts are Jamalpur, Natore, Rajbari, and Manikganj. The supplies we are issuing them will consist of cooking oil, potatoes, salt, daal, and rice.


Let us all come together during these troubling times and help those who have been displaced and ease their hardships.

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