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Flood Disaster Relief 

Currently, more than a quarter of Bangladesh is underwater due to harsh flooding. Such floods have impacted more than 3 million people in multiple districts and countless families have lost their homes with no means to seek shelter.



Ramadan 2020 

As part of our #ProjectDefeatCorona healthcare campaign, we also carried out our second Ramadan food relief humanitarian project to distribute much needed Iftaar meals and food supplies to impoverished communities across the country already struggling to cope under a nationwide lockdown in this global pandemic.

Education Project 

Education is the world's greatest equalizer. Unfortunately, many of the youth cannot afford to pay for their tuition fees. With only $12, you can sponsor an entire month of education for a child in need.



Ramadan 2019 

As the holy month of Ramadan nears its end, BDP took on a special initiative to sponsor Iftaar dinner for a large cohort of poor and helpless people. BDP was able to fundraise enough to feed 1000 people over a span of five days.

Blanket Project 2020 

The goal of this project was to provide as many blankets to individuals in need due to the intensity of the cold weather in Bangladesh.



Winter Clothes Drive 2020 

With this project, we planned to donate blankets, sweaters, jackets, sweatshirts, and cardigans to underprivileged communities in Bangladesh that were deeply affected by the cold Winter weather.

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