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Ramadan 2019 Iftar Project

Humanitarianism is one of our organization’s core values and it is with this principle that the BDP team launched its very first food relief project in 2019, dedicated to serving impoverished communities and Bangladeshis fasting during the holy month of Ramadan. Known as our Ramadan 2019 campaign, in this project our goal was to sponsor iftar meals among the poor, elderly, and underprivileged youth in Bangladesh. Our team fundraised on social media and successfully raised a total of $1,250 in donated funds within just two weeks of initiating this project. In collaboration with our trusted volunteers based in Bangladesh, we curated iftar boxes consisting of pulao rice, roast chicken, piazu, jelapi, beguni, chickpeas, dates, and bottled water. We fed over 1,000 impoverished elderly, adults, and youth in Panthapath, Dhaka over a period of 5 days and helped these people enjoy the same delicious iftar meals that many of us may often take for granted. 

What better way to end Ramadan than being able to feed those who do not get to enjoy the same luxuries that we do and eat properly to break their fast? We are extremely proud of you for supporting us on this very important initiative through your generous donations. This is a huge milestone for BDP and we wish that you all continue to support us in our journey to serve as a beacon of hope for our motherland.

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