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Ramadan 2020

As part of our #ProjectDefeatCorona healthcare campaign, we also carried out our second Ramadan food relief humanitarian project to distribute much needed Iftaar meals and food supplies to impoverished communities across the country already struggling to cope under a nationwide lockdown in this global pandemic. From April to May 2020, our team collaborated with South Asian organizations such as Children of 1971 and with popular Desi social influencers and artists including Saffat Al-Manssor, Bushra Khan, and Kamrun Nahar and fundraised more than $13,000 in total for our project. We allocated these funds to be used for gathering and distributing a month’s worth of food, hygiene supplies (e.g. bars of antibacterial soap), and COVID19 safety information guides to families in urgent need in Bangladesh’s Dhaka and Chittagong provinces.  Our team and local volunteers on the ground in Bangladesh provided care packages to more than 250 families across 16 subdivisions in Dhaka including Motijheel, Paltan, Kakrail, Ramna, Mohakhali, Kakoli, and more. Our care packages consisted of 15kg rice, 5kg potatoes, 1-liter cooking oil, 2kg lentils, 1kg sugar, 1kg salt, 2kg onions, 6 pieces antibacterial soap, 2 pieces of face masks, and 1 COVID19 information guide. In Chittagong province, we aided more than 300 families in Brahmanbaria including Kuti Bazat and Kasba districts, and over 200 families in Arjuntala, Comilla, respectively. Together, our Ramadan 2020 project was a major milestone in which we not only provided immediate assistance to frontline healthcare workers fighting COVID within the country but also aided more than 800 families in easing their hardships during our world’s most pressing and trying Ramadan experience in recent years.

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